Buying Platinum

Buying platinum online is all about security.

Here at Refined Investments, we know that when it comes to investing your money into precious metals, the most important thing you have to ensure is that you are getting exactly what you pay for – down to the last thousandth of a troy ounce or hundredth percent of purity. The metal you invest in may be the metal that helps you retire, or fund the dream you’ve always wanted, and making sure your secure buying platinum, gold or silver lets you rest easy and focus on your investment.

Our goal is to create an environment in which you can safely learn about buying platinum, as well as who sells it and what kind of bullion options they can offer you. With information about dealers, prices and reviews of some of the most-used suppliers in the industry, we give you the ability to find the information you need to make an informed purchase, and the assistance you need to feel secure in your investment.

With platinum buying on an upswing all over the globe, it pays to know exactly who is making the best platinum and where to find it. The Royal Canadian Mint, for example, produces platinum coins that are 99.95% pure and have one troy ounce of platinum in them, and are available for purchase directly from the mint itself. In the United States, American Eagle platinum coins are also available at 99.95% purity, but must be purchased through a recognized distributor chosen by the mint.

Our services help you determine where your money is best spent on platinum, gold and silver, and whether you’d be better investing in bars, proofs, coins or collectables. It’s our goal to make your investing safer and easier.

Precious metals have consistent value, so long as they are high quality and have official backing for their purity. With our help, you can find the best precious platinum investments, and ensure that your portfolio always contains dependable physical assets that you can call upon whenever you need them – and that have reliable, improving value.



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