Liberty Head Gold Coins

Liberty Head gold coins were produced by the American government and used as legal tender until 1933, when much of this gold was melted down. This melting has made the remaining Liberty Head coins extremely valuable, and coins we cite as excellent investments in gold for both those beginning in the bullion market and those that are experienced investors.

Liberty Head gold coins were produced in $2.50, $5, $10 and $20 denominations, and all feature the classic “Liberty” head on the obverse. The braided hairstyle on the head is unique, and each coin is stamped with its date of striking, which will lie somewhere between 1849 and 1907. Each of these coins is 90% gold, and all are considered to be non-reportable when bought or sold, meaning they would not have to be returned on a recall. If you’re entering the gold market, we recommend to Liberty Head gold coins.

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