Mexican Gold Coins

We recommend Mexican gold coins to investors interested in buying gold with a low premium over spot prices. Mexican gold coins are the largest bullion coins available with 50 peso coins containing 1.2 troy ounces of gold plus small amounts of copper. Unlike coins produced for the bullion market, Mexican gold coins were first minted in 1921 to celebrate one century of Mexican independence. Mexican pesos were a popular way to invest in gold through the 1970s when Mexico stopped producing gold coins. With the emergence of one ounce gold bullion coins, the 1.2 ounce Mexican peso fell out of favor. However, it remains a great way for investors to get more for their money. Mexican gold coins are available in several sizes marked with 50, 20, 10, 5, 2 and 2.5 peso denominations. View our dealer guide to learn more about the best places to buy Mexican gold coins.

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