St Gaudens gold coins

St. Gaudens gold coins are among some of the most popular American coins, as well as some of the rarest. Minted from 1907 through to 1933 and designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens, these coins, known as “double eagles” are ones that we highly endorse as a part of a world gold collection.

Many of the St. Gaudens gold coins currently on the market were produced between 1907 and 1932 and are stamped as such. In 1933, Roosevelt made it illegal for private citizens to own gold coins that were not collectible, and most of these St. Gaudens coins disappeared and were melted down. Many of those that escaped destruction are now available for purchase. An extremely rare, 1933-minted St. Gaudens coin also exists on the market, and was recently purchased for over seven million dollars. This American gold trades well and sells well – we recommend it. Buy St. Guadens gold coins



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